Modern Dating

The millennial age group has an entirely different book of rules to follow while dating. Modern day dating is like a code language that you need to be fully aware of before approaching. What the average person of yesteryears will not be able to make out might actually be a real invitation for a date-night. It is indeed tough to decipher the rules of the game. No defining of relationships, no double-texting, not going overboard, not questioning the intent etc. We live in the brave new world but while there are a number of things that seem concerning, there are a lot many things that seem the best changes to have happened in all these years.

What has changed?

Bedroom scenes have changed. Sex is not just an activity that needs to be done but a pleasurable act that can be performed in several ways other than the old vanilla ways. For example, the idea of using butt plugs would have seemed abominable to our great-grandparents but it is a common thing to do these days. It is a sex toy that is almost always being talked about. For those who are new to the concept, let us find out what a butt plug is!

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus and left there till orgasm and beyond. Our anal muscles contract involuntarily during an orgasm and the sensations could last up to 15 seconds. With a butt plug in place, these sensations could be heightened and the orgasm could be made much more pleasurable. It is also safer to use a butt plug since it has a flared bottom that prevents it from getting lost in the rectum.

A butt plug could be a big part of your modern day dating because uniqueness is the need of the hour, after all. For more information, visit the website of Love Plugs and find out what suits your taste!…

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