The Importance Of Listening To Your Partner In Marriage

What does the Quran say?

The Islamic Holy book enjoins upon every person of the faith to marry lest that their faith remains incomplete. Yes, marriage in Islam completes one’s faith. The faith prohibits anyone from staying single for too long lest the Satan vilely attacks him and makes him tread the immoral grounds.

This is the precise reason that widows and divorcees are enjoined to remarry:

The most pragmatic religion of the world also enjoins on the parents a duty to make sure that their wards are married off at appropriate ages and that they start cohabiting as a family so that their morality is intact.

Chastity is considered a high virtue and it is obvious that biological urges cannot be controlled for too long the humankind. That is why the faith is very clear on the fact that marriages are compulsory whatever station of life the man or the woman be in. whether rich or poor, whether lettered or uneducated, old or young.

Matrimony sites that are exclusive to Muslim men and women may be relatively a new idea but let me assure you that it is the most practical of ideas to have a database of all the marriageable children at one place so that in case anyone wishes to hook u with someone for marriage they can do so easily and conveniently. Some matrimony sites like the زواج also have a built-in messenger service on the platform that facilitates one on one conversation in case the boy and the girl feels like they want to talk to each other.

Islam also is very categorically clear on the role of a man and the woman in marriage. It is a homogenous religion and one that believed in equality of the genders. Therefore, in spite of laying down rules for both of them separately, Allah in the Quran orders both of them to stay close-knit with one another and to conduct the business of the household and raise the children in unison and without too much of differences of opinion. Neither the man nor the woman takes precedence in marriage rather it is the combined effort of the two that brings them the sweet fruit of their labor!