My Boyfriends Idea Of A Romantic Date Involves A Butt Plug!

How to make a date romantic and interesting at the same time very safe? Very simple, using a sex toy. There are a lot of such sex toys that are safe at the same time promise to make the meet a very enjoyable one. The major reason for a person to use a sex toy is to make the meet an exciting and a safe one. Using them would give the expected pleasure. Now the latest trend in this market is the butt plug which is used both men and women. They are available in many different shapes and sizes suiting the needs of all the users. There are many who use this as their sex toy while on a date to make it more romantic. And it has worked well for them as well.

A simple way to start using the butt plug is going in for a smaller one in size and then slowly the bigger ones with more experience and understanding until a person gets the hold on it. These toys are generally made from soft materials that which would not harm the thin and delicate lining of the anus and mostly they are made from vinyl or rubber that which would easily give way and also hold on to the tissues easily without rubbing on them roughly.

When comes to buying sex toys, it is always better to go for the ones that are not of inferior quality, the ones that are sold for cheaper prices for these are generally the ones that are made from materials that are most likely to harm the body and mainly the private parts. Toys made from rubber or vinyl is considered the best ones both in terms of comfort and affordability; they make the insertion simple, easy and also safe. I got mine from loveplugs website.…

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The Importance Of Listening To Your Partner In Marriage

What does the Quran say?

The Islamic Holy book enjoins upon every person of the faith to marry lest that their faith remains incomplete. Yes, marriage in Islam completes one’s faith. The faith prohibits anyone from staying single for too long lest the Satan vilely attacks him and makes him tread the immoral grounds.

This is the precise reason that widows and divorcees are enjoined to remarry:

The most pragmatic religion of the world also enjoins on the parents a duty to make sure that their wards are married off at appropriate ages and that they start cohabiting as a family so that their morality is intact.

Chastity is considered a high virtue and it is obvious that biological urges cannot be controlled for too long the humankind. That is why the faith is very clear on the fact that marriages are compulsory whatever station of life the man or the woman be in. whether rich or poor, whether lettered or uneducated, old or young.

Matrimony sites that are exclusive to Muslim men and women may be relatively a new idea but let me assure you that it is the most practical of ideas to have a database of all the marriageable children at one place so that in case anyone wishes to hook u with someone for marriage they can do so easily and conveniently. Some matrimony sites like the زواج also have a built-in messenger service on the platform that facilitates one on one conversation in case the boy and the girl feels like they want to talk to each other.

Islam also is very categorically clear on the role of a man and the woman in marriage. It is a homogenous religion and one that believed in equality of the genders. Therefore, in spite of laying down rules for both of them separately, Allah in the Quran orders both of them to stay close-knit with one another and to conduct the business of the household and raise the children in unison and without too much of differences of opinion. Neither the man nor the woman takes precedence in marriage rather it is the combined effort of the two that brings them the sweet fruit of their labor!…

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Enhancement Pills And The Art Of dating

The very word dating gets to our mind the thought of a male and female being together on the bed. But this need not necessarily be the meaning or the understanding of a date. A date need not necessarily be an opportunity or a chance for a man to come close to a woman or vice versa because it is not so in reality.

A date can also be an opening, a slot for a man to know about a woman or vice versa and befriend the other person with a proper introduction. A dating couple need not be the ones to get married or the ones who are ready to get into a serious relationship but they can also be the ones who have become good friends and have decided to share things in life from then on.

These dates can also be dates or opportunities wherein a couple in a serious relationship decides to come closer and enjoy the ultimate in life. But what if the male has an erectile problem or suffers from a stunted penis? Can this be disclosed to his lady-love? Even if revealed, is this not going to disappoint her? There are all chances that she feels let down and there are also possibilities for her to break the relationship. So what should or can men do?  Go for male enhancement techniques, try out male enhancement pills? But before trying out any of these, men should know about how male enhancement pills work. These pills help in enhancing the penile size and also improve and double the stamina a man has, in general, making him all fit and fine for the main act. Yes, there are a lot of such enhancements pills available in the market but buy them with a caution because most of them are fake. So it is always better and best to go for such pills under a physician`s guidance.…

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Lose Weight And Go On More Dates

When you are a woman, the stress of your weight, the society is too much. Men get away easier, even if they have a few extra pounds here and there. However, today the men are also equally conscious as the women when it comes to their bodies.

Both men and women want to look good, fit and healthy at all times. As a result, the number of people exercising, enrolling in classes, taking up a sport, etc, has increased manifold. Losing weight is not easy for some.

Losing the extra weight can do you a lot of good. Apart from making you look physically more attractive and appealing, it can improve your health too.  One can learn more about weight loss reading articles on the internet or visiting a professional dietician. Here are some ways one can lose weight and go on more dates:

Eat Right

One need not sacrifice all their favorite foods. Just be careful about what you put into your mouth. When you eat the right types of food, it shows. When all you eat is loaded with carbs and fat, you will continue gaining weight.

Eat a protein-rich food and try to reduce carbs. Consult a dietician if needed and chart out a food plan based on your needs and access to food.


One need not get into vigorous exercising. Light exercises done on a daily basis will suffice. Set aside a few minutes a day to exercise and the consistency will pay off. When you are physically active, your metabolism level increases and this helps in burning more calories. Even walking or running to and from work can do the trick.


Mental strength is very important in anything you do. Some people can lose weight fast while some take their time. Never lose heart if your friend is losing more pounds than you, faster, despite following the same diet as you. Give your body its due care and time, and you will be rewarded accordingly.…

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Modern Dating

The millennial age group has an entirely different book of rules to follow while dating. Modern day dating is like a code language that you need to be fully aware of before approaching. What the average person of yesteryears will not be able to make out might actually be a real invitation for a date-night. It is indeed tough to decipher the rules of the game. No defining of relationships, no double-texting, not going overboard, not questioning the intent etc. We live in the brave new world but while there are a number of things that seem concerning, there are a lot many things that seem the best changes to have happened in all these years.

What has changed?

Bedroom scenes have changed. Sex is not just an activity that needs to be done but a pleasurable act that can be performed in several ways other than the old vanilla ways. For example, the idea of using butt plugs would have seemed abominable to our great-grandparents but it is a common thing to do these days. It is a sex toy that is almost always being talked about. For those who are new to the concept, let us find out what a butt plug is!

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus and left there till orgasm and beyond. Our anal muscles contract involuntarily during an orgasm and the sensations could last up to 15 seconds. With a butt plug in place, these sensations could be heightened and the orgasm could be made much more pleasurable. It is also safer to use a butt plug since it has a flared bottom that prevents it from getting lost in the rectum.

A butt plug could be a big part of your modern day dating because uniqueness is the need of the hour, after all. For more information, visit the website of Love Plugs and find out what suits your taste!…

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Expressing Chaste Intimacy While Dating

Practicing chastity is very difficult and sometimes even impossible when there is an attraction from the opposite gender. This is mainly with men who get easily carried away and fall for emotions and intimacy physically, mentally and emotionally. But doing this is very important when you want and desire to have a trustworthy and bonded relationship with their spouses. This is good for even a healthy living wherein the male is fresh and stays healthy to start his new life when there is a marriage agreement in his life. So he will be able to give his fullest to his spouse.

But attaining this level of controlling all the feelings and emotions is very difficult. So in cases where men feel that they should give a green signal and go what their heart desires, it is very much possible with the help of chastity devices which is absolutely safe and secure for usage and the use of this is never going to put you down but give you the fullest without any compromises. You will never be disappointed but would be able to enjoy sex to the fullest. But it is important that men take the consent of the female he is going to be with and this is very much important for a successful intimacy. is an online guide that talks everything about how it is to follow male chastity, how to be chaste and also about what all would help in following the principles of male chastity without any compromise. There are many who are unaware of this concept and for such people, it is important that they get to know about this and follow it for a happy living and healthy and successful legal relationships. So go for it today and get to know how life can be made happy without such important compromises.…

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Benefits of Buying Replica Designer Handbags

When it comes to accessories, handbags are certainly a category that is developing in every way. Some of the reasons why the industry of handbags is progress this exponentially includerise in earning capability and savings, increase in number of working women, expanded online shopping options, hike in economic growth, and many more. Because of the increasing demand and craze, one trend that has been adopted quite widely in the market is the production and purchase of replica or second copy designer handbags.

Advantages ofpurchasingsecond copy handbags

It is not necessary that every woman can afford to buy an original branded bag. But does that mean that she doesn’t have any other mean to satisfy her fashion cravings? Well, no. She too has the right to enjoy what she likes bringing home a product that looks exactly the same as the original one, however at a price that is much less than that of the original one. Some of the mainadvantages of buying your favourite second copy designer bags are:

  • This is a highly cost effective option for staying fashionable. You are not required to shell out huge money to buy a product that looks exactly the same as an original piece.
  • A replica handbag eliminates the worries of losing the bag or maintaining it much. In case you lose the original bag, you might suffer a lot because the money invested in it gets wasted. However, in case of a duplicate bag, you can soon replace it with another one without spending much.
  • As there is a lot of demand, the variety of replica bags in the market have grown immensely. This way, you can pick a bag that suits your need properly.
  • Since you do not shell out much money for buying such bags, you can keep updating your collection time to time.

If you have a financial crunch and still wish to gift a nice designer bag to your loved one, you can always go for a replica handbag. I bought this handbag for my girlfriend and she still loves to carry it whenever I take her out on a date. So, checkout the collections around you and bring home some of the best second copy handbags for your use.…

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Tips To Prepare Yourself For A First Date

When you are all set for your date, there tends to be a bit of nervousness no matter how well prepared you are. This is particularly true if it is going to be your first date. The anxiety, excitement and the whole bunch of mixed emotions should not be allowed to ruin your date. Here are some of the most popular tips for those who are getting ready for their first date:

  1. Pick out a comfortable outfit:

Your dress determines your confidence. Do not go for something that you are not very confident in. Then you would end up being so much conscious about your dress that you forget to have fun.

  1. Be your true self:

Do not try too hard to impress. This would only make things all the more difficult. Be your true self instead. This would help your date get to know you better without creating any false perceptions.

  1. Prepare a set of questions to ask:

Well before your date make a list of questions that you might want to ask. If you do not have an idea check out the 21 great questions to ask a girl and you could add your own as well. Asking the right questions would help you know each other better. This would also show your date that you are genuinely interested in him or her.

  1. Do not play too much the rules:

Flex a bit and bring your fun side out. A date doesn’t always have to be set in a restaurant setting. Choose a common spot catering to both your interests. Do something fun. Fun games, doing stuff together would help bring out the real person and this would make your date a memorable one. At the end of the day, no matter how your date goes, at least you would be happy that you both had fun.…

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